Pom Pom White Grape 3 For 99c


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Pom Pom White Grape 3 For 99c

Designed with an ultra flexible green leaf natural wrapper, the Pom Poms White Grape are designed to burn extra slow whilst giving off a sweet Caribbean aroma that is hard to forget. Made to fit the milder taste palate, this green leaf cigarillo is fit with a natural wrapper that comfortably swathes the short filler tobaccos that comprise it in order to render an even burn that lasts quite a long time. Made without a filter, these Pom Poms cigarillos deliver the full taste without compromise thanks to their world famous parent company – the legendary Swisher Sweets International. Reminiscent of primarily sweet flavors, this product replaces the concept of having a dessert almost flawlessly. It’s immaculate roll has competition scratching their heads on how to concoct something comparable in taste, quality and looks.

Weight 7.3 oz
Dimensions 6.1 × 2.7 × 7 in

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